National Association of Federal Retirees - NAFR (formerly FSNA)

2007 saw the signing of an agreement for Beechwood to become an affinity partner with the retired federal employee association. This partnership benefits all NAFR members with cost savings on land/niche, memorial AND funeral services.

Over the years many NAFR members and their families have benefited tremendously from the cost savings attributed from our partnership.

The benefits to NAFR members are as follows:

10% savings land/niche

10% savings on memorialization (i.e. monument, marker, inscription, bench, etc.)

10% savings on funeral services

It is important to emphasize that these savings can only be endorsed if the NAFR membership card is presented at the time of purchase. This MUST BE established prior to entering into an agreement.

Should you wish your services be with a french representative, I will make sure you are comfortable with another Cemetery Councilor who is knowledgeable with the details subscribed to your membership.

**Please note that previously designated areas (i.e. military, RCMP, CSIS, etc.) are exempt from the additonal savings. The designated areas have already been discounted for their respective members. Please ask for any/all exeptions.

Articles in 'On Guard'

Mar. 27, 2009

National Cemetery

Beechwood…..your National Cemetery

On March 5, 2009 Minister Jim Prentice introduced in the House of Commons, Bill C-17, an Act to recognize Beechwood Cemetery as the National Cemetery of Canada into the House of Commons. It passed the House of Commons the following day with all party support and is currently being reviewed by the Senate.

In less than a decade, Beechwood has attained some important milestones setting the stage for this current recognition as the National Cemetery of Canada. These include:

2001 – Establishment of the National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Forces
2002 – Designation as a National Historic Site of Canada
2004 – Establishment of the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery
2007 – Amalgamation of the Veterans sections administered by Veterans Affairs Canada and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission with the National Military Cemetery.

Originally founded in 1873 on a 160 acre tract of land on the outskirts of Bytown, Beechwood today has evolved into a beautiful and historic cemetery in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. Over 75,000 Canadians from all faiths and walks of life have found their final resting place here, including 23 National Historic Persons and many other prominent Canadians.

In a message from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, on the occasion of the March 5th announcement, read, “A walk through Beechwood Cemetery is a journey through history. Whole chapters of Canada’s past are memorialized at the final resting places of the Canadian men and women who are laid to rest here. Their stories of service, sacrifice, courage and compassion have helped define our country.”

The Hon. Jim Prentice, Minister of the Environment, who addressed about 200 guests and media at Beechwood Cemetery said, “Canada’s National Historic Sites, such as Beechwood Cemetery, are yours to discover. I invite you to explore the grandeur of these irreplaceable treasures, which are the very essence of Canada. Sharing in the custodianship of our National historic sites will help us all understand the importance of presenting and protecting these special places for the benefit of all Canadians, today and tomorrow.”

Beechwood’s recognition as the National Cemetery of Canada will serve as a symbol of Canadian unity and pride, and acknowledges its role in preserving and promoting the rich and diverse history of our nation.

Feb. 11, 2014

A Sacred Space for All

In 2008 Beechwood Cemetery Foundation opened a 14,000 square foot facility to serve the growing needs of our community. The Beechwood National Memorial Center boasts a beautiful ‘Sacred Space’; the very first ecumenical worship center for all faiths and religious beliefs. As well as state of the art Visitation Rooms and Reception Center, the Hall of Colours is honourably dedicated to the past and present members of our military and RCMP. This hallowed room, with laid up colours of retired regiments, allows military and RCMP families to take pride in having a regimental funeral for Canada’s service members.

September 2012 Beechwood cleared another milestone in their rich history becoming a fully licensed funeral home. Now families can visit one facility and have the comfort that their loved ones, family and friends are cared for during the funeral process, burial needs and promote fellowship in our Reception Center. Whether you wish to have your funeral at a church or in our Sacred Space, know that Beechwood will facilitate any need to make all funerals, celebrations of life, burials and/or receptions seamless with our professional and compassionate staff attending to the needs of all faiths and beliefs.