• Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

    The Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club started in 1910 when a group of women wanted to be more active and better informed Canadians. They met at luncheons to hear distinguished Canadians or speakers from other countries speak on issues of national or international importance.

    Today the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club allows everyone to feel welcome and enjoy the speaker and each other’s company. Luncheons are held from September to May each year. Please join us- this is your opportunity to hear outstanding speakers, meet many interesting people, and participate in a Canadian institution that has stood the test of time.

  • Ottawa Boomers-Seniors Services Group

    Why choose OBSSGroup? Here is a straight forward answer. We are a group of like-minded professionals that not only share their expertise but go one step above. We offer a stress-free referral program where our customers can trust those professionals we trust. We are a group of companies with a solid base, stellar service and well established in our community. Companies known for our reputation. Speak to one of our partners today by visiting our website at www.obssgroup.ca or on Facebook.